Monday, July 1, 2013

Return to Virginia

Kat and I made the trip back to Virginia this past weekend. Zoe has been on the hard at Deltaville Yacht Center since the beginning of May. We had the keel inspected to make sure we had not sustained any damage during our grounding last spring. We have been waiting for the paint repair to the bow where the anchor came loose and stainless repair to the pulpit that was also damaged during our trip down from Annapolis. The work was finished and done very well. Unfortunately, the paint that was sent did not match and must be redone. I took the opportunity while the bow sprit was broken down to refinish the areas that are difficult to reach. The repair is being done with Algrip 2000 as the Emron paint was not readily available. Kat worked on the teak trim around the house. Hopefully we will be back in the water soon.


  1. What Imron paint are you using? I use to sell the stuff for airplanes so I might have an aviation contact that has it in stock.

    S/V Kintala

    1. Deb, unfortunately, the yard that did the paint for the previous owner was washed off the Jersey Shore. All we could learn was Imron 2. We ended up letting the guys at Deltaville Yacht Center blend in Awlgrip. It looks really nice now. We will see as it weathers.