Monday, November 4, 2013

Ahi tuna

I am setting here in my own personal dry dock, my left shoulder in a sling from a surgical repair and typing right handed in between drug induced naps. I just read that one of the couples that I am following south on my I pad are having ahi tuna for dinner. Man, that hurt. Kat and I have spent a week each of the last several years running around the southern coasts on our Harley in search of good Sea food. I am a huge fan of ahi tuna. I prefer it "swimming around the dock". I think the best I have found was at Sharky's in Key Largo ,although, I had a steak in a restaurant on the inner harbor in Baltimore that was close. South Padre Island is a close third.

The best chowder came from the Rockfish grill in Annapolis. Kat told me that if it was better than the chowder we had run across in a little bar in the middle of Pennsylvania, that would be the sign that we should buy Zoe. I swear it really was better.

We tried manatee burgers at Bert's bar and grill in Matlacha Florida (not really manatee so don't hate me), there was a very cool kayak tour of Pine Island sound there also. We had great fresh snapper sandwiches on Sanibel Island.

The worst we have ever experienced was in New Bern N.C. We were there looking at a steel hull that had never been finished. (thank god that deal didn't work out) and the gal at the desk at our motel suggested a place. The fish tasted just like the bottom of the river. The waitress asked if we needed a box and without thinking I replied "God No!". I think I might have hurt her feelings.

Without question, the best lobster and the best price for lobster was at Sidney's Peace and love bar, Little harbor in the BVI. For 30 bucks we got a lobster that covered 2 full size plates and all the fixings. This is definitely one of my favorite places on the planet so far.

Kat and I are excited about this years adventure as we just traded in our bike on a new one. We really didn't need to trade but the upgrades Harley made for 2014 are really something. Kat really never bonded with the last one after she fell off of it in a parking lot within the first 300 miles and broke her elbow. She rode the rest of the weekend with her arm strapped to her side, refusing to let me take her home. No, she isn't hard headed. Hopefully she will get alone better with this one.

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