Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Beach Wedding in the BVI

In early December we headed for the British Virgin Islands to marry our youngest off and spend a week playing. We leased a 47 from Conch Charters.

We headed for Trellis bay to catch the full moon party and pick the kids up from the airport.

While we were there mom and the kids headed down to Road Town for a Dolphin encounter.

Next stop was the Baths

From there we headed up to Leverick Bay four some snorkeling and fresh water showers.

Next was the bubbly pool and Sidney's Peace and Love Bar for Lobsters.

After a hike around Sandy Cay taking selfies with a Go Pro camera mounted the wrong way, we headed down to White bay and visited The Soggy Dollar Bar.

We visited a couple others while we were there.

The next morning after spending the night at Sopher's Hole we headed over to The Bite at Norman Island for some stand up boarding and snorkeling at the Indians.

Well, that finished the honeymoon part of the trip, next came the wedding. The kids had reservations at Long Beach so we caught a taxi at Sopher's Hole and headed over for the day. We had a beautiful setting and a very nice ceremony performed by a local minister. Definitely a fantastic finish to a great week.

Capt. Mike

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