Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Docked in Annapolis

Labor Day Sept 2nd

We spent the morning cleaning and packing. One of my chores was to hang the motor from the back rail and raise the dinghy on the davits. This is a bit of a challenge as we have a canoe stern. I have worked out a system in which I raise the motor to its bracket using the lift on the radar mast then hook up the dinghy and climb over the stern rail into the boat. After dragging my overweight self over the rail and raising the dinghy, I realized I had left the plug in. Of course that won't work as the dinghy would collect water and collapse the davits. I tried to stretch between the rails and reach the plug rather than going back through the whole process. I managed to get the plug out but had extended to far and could not pull myself back through the rails. All I could think was "Oh lord, I can't call the rescue squad". I could see myself on the evening news. "fat guy stuck upside down between rails on his sailboat, film at 11:00". Anyway, fear of humiliation gave me enough strength to squeeze my rib cage back through the rails. Man did that hurt!

So for the next year Zoe will berth in Annapolis while we work out more kinks and plan our eventual escape.
Capt. Mike

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