Monday, June 30, 2014

Frustrating summer

Headed to the boat week before last to reinstall the headliner and work on the toe rail. I only got a day and got rained out so I headed back to Ohio to work. The leaking area stayed dry so I reinstalled the head liner and pronounced the repair successful.

I headed to the boat this weekend expecting to get several days to work but had a breakdown and had to head back after a day to try to keep the business on track. I did manage a full day of teak repair and bung replacement. Hopefully, the next trip, I can start on the toe rail without needing to fix something else first. I guess I can't do anything but keep trying.

As a side note, we spent a weekend on our Catalina 30 with our grandson and had a grand time. We launched our Advanced Elements Kayak and and it was definitely a hit.

My granddaughter Lucy joined us Sunday and took over the boat.

Capt. Mike

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