Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chasing leaks

I tore the headliner out of the front berth over the weekend. I traced the leak back to the (for want of the correct term) main Bullard post. The teak decking that buts up against it has deteriorated and the caulk needed some work. I dug out the bad wood and saturated the area with Mr Smith's penetrating epoxy. I used my Fein multi tool with a rasp to cut out the grooves and replaced the caulk in the grooves. It rained over night and appeared to stay dry. Will give the repair a little longer before I put the headliner back in.

I also mounted the stainless steel strip to the back of the boat. To protect the paint from the dinghy. Will post a pic next trip. The real challenge for the day was fishing the dinghy into place to be lifted onto the davits by myself. It involved the pulley system for the lift, a boat hook and extra rope to maneuver the dingy around the docking posts.
Capt. Mike

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