Thursday, February 14, 2013

And So It Begins!

Well, it is Valentines Day and we are headed to Annapolis day after tomorrow to uncover Zoe, our new to us Baba Panda 40. Kat and I bought Zoe in October and spent as much time as the distance between Ohio and The Chesapeake would allow fixing and familiarizing before we had to pull her and cover her for winter. We barely got away from the dock during that time and are anxiously awaiting spring launch in March and our first cruise down to Stingray Point in Virginia. I decided to start this blog to keep track of our journey on Zoe. I will jump around a bit as I attempt to both track our progress and document how we got here. The blog itself is a learning experience for me and, hopefully, I will be able to dress it up as I go.
Capt. Mike

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