Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chapter III...Banana Wind

I went back to ebay and found a tall rig Catalina 27 off of Lake Michigan. I had her shipped directly to the fish bowl that is Atwood Lake. Banana Wind is a great boat. The 27 is big enough to sleep on but is still a fast sailer, unlike the Catalina 30 which, I think, is a house boat with a mast. I have to admit that the big water spoiled me. Sailing for more than 500 yards without a direction change is amazing. I sailed Banana Wind for a couple seasons. Unfortunately, during that time, I was also seeing a gal that wasn't into sailing. One afternoon in the spring of 2003, I was standing at the dock in front of my boat and a guy asked me if I wanted to sell her. I said not really, but he wasn't convinced. He offered me a couple thousand more than I had paid so I let him have her. In retrospect, I should have kept the boat instead of the girl. The boat was much easier to handle and more loyal. A few weeks later, I met the guy halfway between our homes to transfer title and money. It was the perfect storm. We met at a Harley dealership. After he left, I was feeling really sorry for myself having given up my boat and being traded in myself,( I might, also, mention I had just finished a belated Masters Degree in business so I was due a reward) so I took his check and put a down payment on a new anniversary limited edition white ghost flame Road King. I felt better almost immediately.
Capt. Mike

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