Friday, February 15, 2013

Chapter I... In The Beginning

I follow quite a few sailing blogs and am always most intrigued by how people come to sailing and cruising. For many it's simple. They grew up on or around the water and sailing was just part of their lives. I fall in the other category. I have lived in Central Ohio all my life and, even though I am a water dog, sailing wasn't available to me. I just happened to be browsing eBay one day and came across an American 23 Sailboat on a trailer with flat tires in a storage facility about 2 hours away from me.  I put in a bid never believing I would end up with it and, of course, nobody else bid.  Not wanting to get "bad feedback", I fired up my semi and dragged her back to home base. You might consider it dumb luck.  I, on the other hand, prefer to think I have a keen eye for value.  She turned out to simply be suffering from neglect.  The tires just needed air and the motor ran like a top.  It did have this triangular shaped box with it that I didn't understand. I figured that one out later.  After some reading about how to stand up a mast and go into the wind without starting the motor, I dropped her on Atwood Lake.  She turned out to be a great little boat.  After a couple seasons, I decided I wanted a boat I could stretch out on so I put this one back on eBay and made enough to cover my costs and show a small profit.  Oh, and I kept the triangular shaped box!
To be continued...
Capt. Mike

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