Monday, March 4, 2013

Chapter IX...Enter Zoe

Upgrading to the C30 took a full season of repair so we kept Some Beach until we could float Whatta-Deal. We were able to move Some Beach to a young couple on Atwood Lake and it's good to see someone else starting their journey in this solid boat.

Our long term plan is to keep Whatta-Deal at Atwood Yacht Club for a summer hurricane season home. With this in mind, we continued our search for a true blue water boat. As has been our practice when we travel, we always try to find a couple different boats to check out. I had come across a sailing blog with a Baba built by Ta Shing. We were headed through Annapolis and up to New York to visit friends on our Ultra so we contacted Rich Kahn in Annapolis and were able to view 5 different versions.

This is Rich's boat. This is a Baba 35.

We, also, viewed a 38 along with three 40's. Even though we didn't go with the intention of purchasing, when Kat saw Zoe the decision was made. After 9 years of looking, our search ended. Rich was extremely helpful with the purchase and with information about the boat.

Our Zoe is a Baba Panda 40. She has the strength of build we were looking for in a boat that wouldn't break our bank and the traditional look that we prefer. The Ta Shing craftsmanship is evident throughout.

Our good fortune continued throughout the survey and the sea trials. We found very little in need of repair or upgrade. It is unusual to be able to look back at a purchase, when dealing with unfamiliar people, and say everything is as advertised and these are all good honest people.

Of course, after finding the boat of our dreams, we had to celebrate with friends.

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