Monday, March 18, 2013

Reedsville Virginia

Trying to do things on the water on a schedule is a very bad idea. We, again, had to make the call after a difficult night to continue on. Nothing good happens when you are exhausted. We headed out in the channel and even though I have a chart plotter in front of me and Kat was pointing at the green marker, it simply didn't register that we were out of the channel. we ran aground again. Thank heaven I was able to simply back up and go around. I wound not have been able to face the tow boat captain two days in a row.

We rolled down the Patomac on glass calm water. We thought we had the day made until we turned southeast directly into the wind. We spent the next three hours fighting our way around Smith Point. By then it was 3:30 in the afternoon and we were still 4 hours away from our planned destination at Stingray Point. We were able to make contact through Stingray Point to Reedsville Marina that was closed but had power. We decided to duck in for the night.

The approach to Reedsville was narrow but well marked. The town is home to a large fishing boat fleet. Avoiding the fish traps was the most difficult part.

They are nothing more than fields of sticks in the water and pop up randomly.

The entrance to the river was marked with a spider light mounted on an old lighthouse base.

After two days of 20 plus winds and 10 ft seas we were ready for a quiet evening.

Capt. Mike

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