Saturday, March 30, 2013

Headed for Urbanna with new friends

Got up this morning setting in the mud at our dock so we went to town for breakfast. After noon we headed out for Urbanna with new friends Jim and Jody on Tarantella and Tom and Bianca on Die Valkrye. We had a very nice downwind run up the river. Justin and Sean handled the sailing and ,although they were outrun by two larger boats, put on a respectable showing. Actually I think, if we had a proper hadicap, they might have been very close. Definately two sailors in the making.

We were invited over to Tarantella for dinner and good conversation. Jody made a very nice dinner with contributions from Bianca and Kat. Overall, with the exception of finding mud at the beginning of the channel into Urbana, it was a pretty perfect day.

Zoe flying up the river at 4 kts

Capt. Mike

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