Friday, May 2, 2014

Busy April

I am setting here with my best girl in my wonderful enclosed cockpit. It is the first weekend in May and we have the portable heater running to keep things toasty. Getting Zoe ready for the season has been a battle. The weather has not cooperated. I ran over for a Monday drop and managed to get from the marina to the dock without tearing anything up in a pretty stout wind. I had to plug the boat in to get the engine to roll over. Upon further investigation, I found a destroyed battery in the starter group. I suspect it froze and broke open over the winter. It is 11years old so I guess I won't complain. I brought 3 AGM batteries to replace the bank and will attempt to wrestle the old ones out tomorrow. For now I am going to enjoy my evening. Unfortunately, this spring hasn't given us much time to enjoy the boat and our busy season starts in earnest next week. Could be worse. I could be in Ohio working and not own a boat.
Capt. Mike

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