Sunday, May 4, 2014

Paying for Zoe

We are back in Ohio after a nice weekend working and relaxing in Annapolis. Two of the batteries in the starting bank had burst leaving the battery bin with acid in the bottom. We neutralized it with baking soda and rigged a block and harness to lift the batteries from under the quarter berth. The batteries were extracted and placed in heavy plastic bags to protect the boat from the acid. I came back to find Kat stripped down and cleaning the mess out of the battery bin. I asked why the lack of clothes and was informed that acid would ruin her pants. I guess it's ok to get acid burns on your skin if you can save a pair of jeans.

We, also, finished rigging the sails so Zoe is ready to head for the bay. Unfortunately our season is cranking up so fun will have to wait for awhile. Gotta make money to pay Zoe's bills. Next up, Engine service and track down a new leak in the front cabin.

I pick up my new ride tomorrow.
Capt. Mike

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